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OSB Academy

We provide practical, interactive training and further education for teams and individuals. We convey theoretical content, show practical examples and allow participants to apply what they have learned directly in their own context.

We adapt our workshops and training courses to the needs of our customers. We work together to develop concrete ideas and results that can be incorporated directly into future work.


Hope-Based Communications 

In our Hope-Based Communication workshops, participants learn how to get more people excited about their topics in five simple steps. They practise how to put their own ideas, offers and solutions at the heart of their communication. The workshops are interactive and practical and consist of well-coordinated modules. They integrate various methods from design thinking, storytelling, consumer intelligence, branding and traditional communication training. The workshops are offered for both organizations and individuals. 


Media training and messaging 

Our individual or group training is aimed at experienced organizational spokespeople as well as activists: During the training, participants will learn and practice structuring key messages, storytelling basics and the Hope-Based Communication approach, as well as how to apply them in interview situations or panel discussions. They will be able to prepare well for media interviews and critical questions and use the opportunity to communicate their own ideas effectively. 


Campaigning - Basic & Advanced 

How do I plan and manage a successful campaign? In this workshop, participants learn the basics and methods of campaigning and immediately slip into the role of the campaigner. They will learn how to use innovative campaign development and management tools and sharpen their tactical and strategic campaign thinking. 


Narrative und Storytelling 

In our narrative workshops, participants learn how to develop successful, value-based narratives for their concerns and topics. They gain knowledge of the basics of strategic messaging and target group-oriented storytelling in order to convey their messages effectively. The workshop offers practical content and is specifically tailored to the needs of each topic and organization. The main objective of the workshop is to enable participants to develop initial concrete implementation formats for their issues. This interactive and customized approach will enable them to tell their stories with conviction and clarity and thus reach and influence their target groups in a sustainable way. 

Individual communication training

In 1:1 training, participants learn to communicate more convincingly. They have the opportunity to strengthen their communication skills, which are valuable in both professional and personal contexts: Communicating ideas and thoughts effectively, conveying content in a way that convinces the audience and positioning themselves with a clear profile. The training courses are geared towards the individual needs of the participants.


Possible focus of the training: 

  • Preparation for appearances and interviews: Targeted structuring of content in order to formulate the core messages appropriately for the target group. 

  • Preparing topics and content: Using storytelling and emotional appeal to convince the audience. 

  • Personal positioning: Developing a strong, authentic narrative and communicating it consistently to the public. 

  • Communication in leadership roles: Effectively communicating company vision, values and goals and building trust and credibility

Our clients and partners

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One Step Beyond developed and delivered a high-quality communications session for the ODIHR's 2022 Advocacy School on Gender and Politics training which targeted civil society representatives from the OSCE region.  It was a great pleasure to work with Philip on this session!

Sara Haapalainen

Gender Adviser, OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)

What others say about us

I know Gesine and Philip from my time at Amnesty International, when they were responsible for some of the most innovative communications campaigns in the whole Amnesty movement.  I consider them key allies to my own hopes of building a strong cohort of narrative leaders in Europe, and can see them becoming really important and influential figures in the European progressive scene.

Thomas Coombes

Founder Hope-Based Communications

Gesine and Philip from one step beyond have taken us a big step forward on our journey towards Doctors Without Borders' integrated communications across departments.

Jannik Rust

Head of Communications and Engagement, Doctors Without Borders Germany

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